Quality Politycs

Atendo aims to be a reference in the sector of attention to dependence for its quality, warmth, profesonality and innovation.
• We believe and apply the principle that people in situations of dependency have the right to respect for difference and their own dignity,                 whatever the state they may be in relation to their capacity.
• Quality means that the result of our work meets the requirements of our clients and interested parties, understood as internal and                             external.
• The quality objectives and the measures for their achievement should consider solutions in technical and financial terms, without the                      cost savings detracting from the quality of our products and services.
• Atendo is committed to comply with the legislation, the current regulations on the development of applications, quality, data and                              systems  security, as well as other requirements of interested parties to which the organization is committed.
• We have sufficient human resources and material, rational, economic, safe and adequate to provide the service that is required.
• We offer the user a network of flexible services adapted to the needs expressed by them.
• We promote and facilitate the permanent training of personnel, the basis for the continuous improvement and advancement of the                           organization.
• We encourage staff participation in the operation of the entity, from its scope of action, promoting meetings by teams at different levels                  to suggest proposals on new ways to cover user assistance, the needs and expectations of interested parties, as well as on aspects related                  to safety and health at work, which facilitates the review and continuous evaluation of our working methods.
• Awareness, training and motivation of Atendo staff on the importance of the implementation and development of a total quality                                management system and its involvement in meeting the expectations and needs of stakeholders.
• To ensure a high standard of quality in our services we must comply with the training, development and motivation requirements of the                staff, which is a shared responsibility between the superior managers and the personnel themselves.
• We contribute to the internal promotion of personnel, promoting their improvement within the organization.
• I also work with Social Responsibility, being a collaborator with beneficial social initiatives for the integration of people.
May 15, 2018