Ayuda a domicilio

ATENDO started its path at the table of the café at the University of La Coruña, while we were doing a Master’s Degree on Nursing Homes and Old People Assistance. Between our lessons and the café, we began to give substance to our project, regarding both its content and the people taking part in it.

ATENDO is born in 2000 as an integral concept of services for old people: Day Care Centres, Home and Training Support… Then, as time goes by, we have been increasing our services and the result includes Memory Workshops, Specialised Clinics, Technical Aids and Community Housing.

Our aim is called ‘carrying out things well, fulfilling the families’ needs, being good professionals and providing our services with the best quality that is possible and always surrounded by the best team’.

We never thought we could change the world with this project…

…but we do believe in changing and improving both old people and their family’s daily life, which is the best motivation to continue working with the same enthusiastic efforts as the very first day.

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