Our service is offered from a few hours a day or a week to 24 hours a day during the whole year. It is specially designed for people in situations of dependency and old people with disabilities. However, we also welcome any other person, who needs professional attention and care without leaving their home, either because they find themselves in a specific situation (such as post-operative period, injured…) or because they may need reconciliation between their family and work life.
Un servicio que se dirige especialmente a personas en situación de dependencia, personas mayores y con discapacidad, pero también a toda aquella persona que, por una situación puntual (postoperatorio, lesión…) o para conciliar su vida familiar y laboral (limpieza, preparación de comidas…), necesite atención y cuidado profesional sin salir de su domicilio.

People in situations of dependency

  • Personal hygiene (to get dressed, to do your hair, to have a shave, for hydration and skin care, for dental hygiene, to give a wash in bed, to have a shower…)
  • Mobilization support (to get up/stand up, to go to bed/ lie down, moving around the house…)
  • Company service (reading and discussing press and daily news, accompanying them to medical appointments, going for a walk, playing games, social meetings outside their homes: mass, dinners, official events,…)
  • Feeding assistance (cooking, diet control, to feed someone, to do the shopping…)
  • Medication control
  • Rehabilitation support (therapies and/or treatments support and follow-up, memory workshops, language workshop…)

Home and family

  • General cleaning of the house
  • Clothes washing and ironing
  • Handing over your clothes and collecting them from the dry-cleaner’s
  • Cooking and controlling diets

Specialized help in home

  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropody
  • Nursing
  • Hairdressing
Ayuda a domicilio

“Service quality is found in our home staff and coordinators managing them. We are proud of having the best professionals”

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